People said even though we don’t talk much, if you are there for me its going be fine. But the thing is I don’t know if you are actually there or not.

Ever since that kid bump into you, you were no where around me. You are selfish for wanted to have people around you. Once you met a person who is more attractive, you lost your control over yourself. No matter how much care and love one gave you, you will just walk away from him/her and search for better person then that ‘one’.

Every fucking time I did my best to understand you. But even if I tell myself to stay, I started to feel betrayed when you ignored me. You said you are much better in texting/talking.

Look! It turn out to be a full of shit. I trusted you and gave you love and time because I cared about you. Look at those pastence. I’m tired of myself looking through his site and getting angry because you told me that you are not into him but all I see is opposite of it.

Playing around sounds like good fucking excuse ain’t it? Well I just can’t take it anymore. I loved you with my heart but you pushed me off over cliff.

Funny thing is I don’t think I can forget you what so ever. Because it was my first time to express those feeling to someone. Of course you won’t talk to me anyway or I don’t even care if you see this or not. Bye. Have a happily ever after.